4 Postcards


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The Thin Edge; on CD #122, Musicworks #122, 2015

Composed by Allison Cameron.
Performed by members of Thin Edge New Music Collective: Xavier Brossard-Ménard (B-flat and bass clarinets), Dobrochna Zubek (cello), Ilana Waniuk (violin), and Cheryl Duvall (piano).

4 Postcards is a mobile composition for its performers. They can arrange where the movements go in their concert program—preferably in between other works, but it’s up to the players to decide where and how they are presented. The score has a theatrical option: this recording captures a live performance of all four movements, in which Thin Edge New Music Collective members Stacie Dunlop (vocalist) and Nathan Petitpas (percussionist) participated as silent “readers” in the dramatic postlude, and so are not heard.



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