The Allison Cameron Band

The Allison Cameron Band is: Stephen Parkinson and Eric Chenaux ~ both self-taught guitar players coming out of different rock music traditions (70’s British blues-rock and 80/90’s post-punk), and, Allison Cameron ~ a composer of mostly chamber music and an experimental performer. Eric Chenaux is also as a singer-songwriter, performer and composer in a variety of groups ranging from alternative folk, alt. jazz and free improvisation. Stephen Parkinson began his musical career in the 1970’s as a lead guitar player in the British blues band Amsterdam Lil. He is also an improviser, pianist and experimental composer. The Allison Cameron Band explores the combined talents and varied musical backgrounds of these musicians.

The group began playing in the winter of 2007 working on Cameron’s compositions based on traditional folk music. All of the compositions are constructed by Cameron. Some of the pieces borrow tablature notation from traditional/anonymous English folk tunes in a non-conformist manner, using re-tuned guitars and banjo, new rhythm, free rhythm and sometimes no rhythm to re-invent and create new pieces out of the old work. One analogy is similar to the definition of a palimpsest: a manuscript on which two or more successive texts have been written, each one being erased to make room for the next with the earlier writing incompletely erased and often legible.



released May 15, 2010

Eric Chenaux: guitars, harmonicas; Stephen Parkinson: guitars, harmonicas; Allison Cameron: composition, banjo, keyboards, tapes, harmonicas, electronics, percussion.

Recorded by Jeff McMurrich.
Mastered by Harris Newman.
Album design by Lewis Nicholson.
Images from ‘Don’t Look Back’ (The Goodwater Project), 2007, by Kim Adams.

Thank you to the Ontario Arts Council and the Chalmers Family Fund for supporting the development of this work.


Mach Shorn – the EP

Recorded by Sandro Perri at Marla Hlady’s studio. Engineered by Sandro Perri.


released March 13, 2012

Stephen Parkinson, Sandro Perri, Marla Hlady, Christof Migone, Eric Chenaux, Allison Cameron. Thanks everyone!